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Inbound/Outbound Services

As an essential BPO service, we manage the inbound and outbound services of your company with expertise. Our trained professionals look after all the inbound activities like customer care, providing assistance etc. All outbound services such as product promotion and collection of funds etc. are made at our end.

We make sure that every activity conducted by us helps in securing a sound customer relation and help the businesses grow. As we manage this aspect of the business, companies can focus on their larger goals. No matter what the query or customer need is, we handle it with utmost care.

Account Receivables

With our Account Receivables service, you can manage all the cash related accounts that are linked to your business. The service is designed in such a manner that it becomes easy to keep track of the money resulting in quick payments and continuous flow of cash.

The service is not only easy to use, but helps you save time and provides accurate outcomes with each account. To ensure this, we use the latest technology and a systemised method that helps keep track of all the accounts, payments and the flow of cash from the respective source to yours.


For any business, cash flow is important as it benefits the business in several ways. However, in some cases businesses are not able to perform as expected because of the untimely payments. These are hurdles that we help your business overcome.

We touch base with customers and update them on new plans through which they can repay the debts and pending amounts. These help in easing the cash flow and allow you to focus on the business while we deal in the recovery. We work through a systematic channel and keep track of the pending collections and the paid ones.

Multi-Lingual Customer Care

The growth of your business can reach any type of customer as we are skilled in providing Multi Lingual customer care services. We have an expansive team of highly skilled operators in various languages for customer assistance. This particular service allows us to cater to customers from varying languages and resolve their issues.

It becomes easy for the customer to explain their issues, raise queries and get the most relevant information from our customer support team. The barrier of communication is easily resolved as customers feel free to connect and speak in the language theyr are most comfortable in.

Medical Coding

With the help of our medical coders, we provide healthcare industries with the service of medical coding. This is a vital parameter when dealing with the healthcare industry. The medical codes help ascertain the patient’s details, billing codes and ease the work for the administration. With this service, we provide error-free coding mechanism that helps keep a track of the payments and the billing process along with other relevant details of the patient.

The codes are assigned only by the medical coders who work as specialists in providing accurate codes through the latest software for various coding classifications.


Money matters are crucial to any kind of business, no matter what the industry. In the process, valuable customers can be lost, if financial dealings are not handled with care. When it comes to your payments, we look at them closely. We get in touch with the customers on your behalf and represent your industry.

In doing so, we are able to resolve their issues, create a smooth channel for cash flow and maintain the relationship that exists between you and the customer. All this is done understanding the need for timely payments and building lasting customer relationships.

Data Scrubbing

As you maintain a huge amount of database, its management can be troublesome for you—managing a large database results in errors, improper entries and lack of order. And most importantly, it requires a lot of time. Outsourcing data scrubbing or data cleansing with us will help maintain your database without the presence of any errors.

Out data scrubbing team will look into the incomplete and incorrect entries and rectify it leaving no scope of duplication or added errors. This will take off a huge burden from your end and allow you to concentrate on other administrative roles.

Record Retrieval and digitization

Maintenance of records is required by every industry and get quite hectic. While there are several departments, different customers, managing the records may not be that easy. We help resolve this issue by providing Record Retrieval and digitization service.

This helps us keep track of all the documentation through a digitised medium. It also allows us to ease record retrieval through a systemised mechanism. In short, we look after the organisation, maintenance of your records by our digitised method. While your records are safe with us, you can refer to them as and when required with effortlessness.

Benefit Enrolment and Validation

The process of enrolment and validation when done physically is time consuming. It requires verifications, processing of documents, application forms, submissions and approvals. No matter what the nature of enrolment and validation is, the process gets prolonged.

By providing the service of Benefit Enrolment and Validation, we allow you to manage the process easily. We take into account the processing on your behalf and look after the above mentioned ways. This further allows us to manage the records for your timely usage and get you the desired results within the set time period or earlier.

Contact Centre sales solutions

Whether you have a new product or a new service, we make sure it reaches the customers. As you outsource your Contact Centre sales solutions service to us, we formulate best possible ways to represent you. This helps you focus on other processes while we look into the sales aspect of your industry.

We do this by understanding your products and services in depth and highlighting the same to the customers. We make them realise the benefits without pushing too much information in the most presentable manner. This builds a wide customer base and improves your sales to a great degree.

Tech Support

With the usage of any new product or service, customers further require the desired technical support as well. This not only allows them to use the products and services to the fullest but provides them the reassurance that they have the desired assistance. This remains one of the most integral parts of any BPO service provider.

We function to not only provide tech support through our 24×7 customer care, email and similar supports, but help strengthen your association with the customers as well. The tech support thus is an essential service and we look into it with utmost care.

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